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The Purpose of a Codicil

A codicil is an instrument that amends a will. This instrument is most useful for minor changes to an existing will. For wills executed long ago, and for wills requiring more extensive changes, it is often advisable to draft a new will in order to avoid confusion and complexities codicils may pres...

How to Contest a Will

Your will and the distribution of your assets after your death could be misunderstood by your heirs and family members when emotions are strong and tension develops. These circumstances may lead to one or more of the heirs contesting your will. It is important that you consider this possibility as...

Preparing to Draft a Living Trust

A living trust is a legal entity created to hold title to property until distributed after your death. We can help you properly document your intent and take advantage of the benefits of establishing a living trust. This article addresses some of the specific provisions included in a living trust ...

Preparing to Make a Will

It is necessary to understand the essential elements of a will to ensure that your final wishes for the distribution of your assets is carried out correctly. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you properly document your intent and avoid making mistakes that could cause your will to fa...

Will Formalities

If you are considering establishing a will in Fort Wayne, Indiana or around the country, there are certain formalities to keep in mind.

Submitting a Will to Probate

If you find yourself having to respond to the death of a family member or loved one, an essential step will be to prove the validity of the deceased’s will through the probate process. An heir, or a named personal representative of the deceased, must follow specific steps to complete the deceased’s...

Living Trusts versus Living Wills

There are two legal instruments with similar names that accomplish different objectives. The word “living” is used in both – Living Trust and Living Will – often leading to confusion. This article addresses the important distinctions between the two.

How to Put Limits on Spending by Your Heirs

The spending habits of potential beneficiaries or heirs may be of concern to families in Fort Wayne, Indiana and around the country. If you are developing an estate plan, there are tools available which address preventing an heir from spending their inheritance too rapidly.

Transferring Out-of-State Real Estate to Your Heirs

If you own real estate — timeshares, vacation homes, investment properties, or unimproved real estate — that you intend to leave to your heirs, transferring the title after your death can be complex. But if that real estate is out of state, the complications multiply.

What is an Irrevocable Trust?

An irrevocable trust results in the transfer of ownership permanently to a third-party trustee. For this reason, an irrevocable trust may not be right for everyone.