Fort Wayne Estate Planning Attorney

None of us ever want to fret over our death or the possibility of our suffering some manner of disability. But we do want to look out for and protect our assets for such eventualities. And, for Fort Wayne-area individuals, that’s where the highly capable attorneys at Boeglin, Gerardot and Grubbs prove their worth. Their services further involve …

  • death, estate, and gift taxes planning,
  • asset protection, and
  • the administration and litigation of trusts and estates.

Planning usually makes use of  instruments intended to reduce estate tax, transfer assets, bypass probate, and control who will be your beneficiaries. Four instruments are traditional in typical estate plans: a will; a durable power of attorney; a medical power of attorney; and a healthcare directive (aka a “living will”). Wills control the distribution of property, but some assets pass only by beneficiary designation, making these forms a fundamental part of a large number of plans. The particular estate planning issues we tackle and the instruments our estate planning attorneys prepare would typically encompass, among others:

Trust and probate administration are further services our Fort Wayne-area estate planning attorneys usually offer. Probate, also referred to as estate administration, deals with payment of estate debts, liquidation of assets, distributions to heirs, and tax-return filing. Our lawyers are also adept at probate lawsuits, offering representation in will contests and all kinds of disputes arising from probate and trust administration. Such disagreements range from accusations of undue influence to breach of fiduciary duty by executors and administrators.

Our estate planning attorneys even chart a course for clients through the process of asset protection planning. Depending on someone’s singular circumstances, asset protection can be coordinated with an estate plan. We’re ready to advise you on the usefulness, difficulties, and pitfalls of asset protection trusts and other asset protection implements.

If you would like to know more about estate planning and the services provided by our Fort Wayne estate planning lawyers, please contact Boeglin, Gerardot and Grubbs.