Protecting Your Long-Term Estate Planning Needs

When you need assistance seeing an estate through probate or administering an estate as its trustee, you want someone on your side who has been down these roads before. You want to be sure you are complying with the laws while effectuating the intent of any drafters and even protecting yourself personally from any legal exposure.

At Boeglin Gerardot and Grubbs PC, we help clients throughout the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area with their legal needs concerning estate planning, probate and estate administration. You can count on us to provide you with the same personalized service that has made our firm so popular with others.


The Candid Advice You Need To Make Choices Confidently

When you work with us, you work directly with our firm's lawyer, Robert Grubbs. You will not have to wade through layers of bureaucracy to work with the attorney you hired in the first place.

Our personalized style of legal service makes it possible for us to tailor our legal representation to the specific issues you are facing during what can often be a difficult and emotional time. You will rest easier knowing you have an adviser who knows how to provide you with the candid, objective guidance you need even if your situation becomes tense or emotional.

Meet With Us To Learn More About Our Practice

We invite you to speak with us about your legal needs. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation: 260-702-9207. You can also make your appointment to meet with us by contacting our office online.